My life is full of rework. At my job we continuously rework documents just because the desired format changed and now at home I continuously rework garments that I “finished” but aren’t really up to my standards. When I was a little younger I was so excited to have historical clothing that I really didn’t take the time I should have to properly fit and finish certain items. And then recently I read The Aristocat’s Blog which made me feel like a monkey with a needle. Her execution is, in a word, impeccable.

So in this spirit of rework I’m taking my burgundy silk Robe a la Francaise I made forever ago and trying to make it better. My original intention was to just reset the sleeves since it pulls at the shoulders. But then I tried it on and the back pleats fell rather oddly. So I picked out the stitching holding the back down and now the pleats at the waist are all screwed up. I might as well take the entire thing apart and redo but I hate to mess up the box pleats trimming the front. Then again, it would probably take considerably less time to take it all apart then it will to try to preserve the trim.


My annoying sleeve

Update: It’s a done deal. My Francaise is coming apart completely. Once I started tearing out seams I couldn’t stop. I can still use the back pleats but the bodice and the lining have to be redone. I’m just going to do another mockup and go from there. I have enough left over fabric to do a new bodice but not enough for new sleeves so I have to make my current sleeves work. If nothing else I’ll put a gore in them to give me more room at the shoulder. It’s like having a whole new project to do…


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