Pretty things and an the Gown of Despair

My francaise is still in pieces. I’m officially naming it the Gown of Despair.

I managed to save the back pleats and do a first mockup of the rest of the bodice. I love the way the fabrics falls… I can’t decide whether I want the bodice to be two pieces per side or just one.

In other news, I was reading my book of 18th century embroidery and I’ve become obsessed with Dresden Lace like this 1700s apron and handkerchief from Stella’s Blog. I might try it. I’m having a hard time finding good instructions on the web (and I’d rather not buy a book) so if you know anything please tell me!

For those who don’t know what this is, Dresden Lace was called “poor man’s lace”. It’s actually a style of pulled thread white on white embroidery on very fine muslin (or linen or silk but muslin was more common). Fashionable women would have a suit of lace which consisted of a cap, sleeve flounces, and a handkerchief (a large one for around the neck). Hand made lace was so expensive that women who couldn’t afford it would use this instead. It’s really quite impressive how much like lace it looks.


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