Foy Corset

I really REALLY want to make a natural form gown for the Time Travelers Gala but I’m not sure that I’m going to have it done in time. That’s why I need to fix my Francaise. But I’m going to give the natural form a valiant effort and hope I manage to get everything done. I have a chemise that should work and a store bought corset that I could use. The only problem is that I want a Foy corset and all I have is a 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper from the patent. I DO have the Laughing Moon corset pattern and I figured the most effecient way of making the Foy corset was to take this pattern and modify it. And because this is the 1870s/1880s we’re talking about I can use a sewing machine with no shame!

Foy Corset patent no. 79647. This is what I want
This is the pattern that I have. I decided to use the Dore Straight Seam Corset on the top left.

So I cut out the Dore corset pattern

Mockup #1
Fitting #1. You can almost see the line I drew around the hip to outline the cutout. I’ve discovered that the best way to look at a corset mockup is over a pre-existing corset.

With the hip cut out
Muslin draped over hip. It’s a bit amusing trying to drape on yourself.
Mockup #2
New pattern pieces

The outter layer fabric. I’m proud to say that I “went crazy” and bought something with red/pink in it. But I’m going to cover it up with a blue gown.

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