Pretty Things from Ebay Part 1

A month or so ago I rediscovered Ebay. Very bad for my wallet but I found some really pretty things! This is only part one because there are some items which I haven’t received yet.

Two fans and two tape measures.

I was looking for fans that I could pass as 18th century somehow. This one is larger (a whole 10″ long!!)  than most fans you can find and it has no bracket on the bottom! It doesn’t have the typrical 18th century scene but I think maybe I can justify it as having been brought from the East by a familiy member?

  More info on 18th century fans here. There’s more to finding a fan than you’d think!

I like this fan even more. It’s a little smaller and it also doesn’t have the typical 18th century scene but it has no bracket either! It’s a vintage fan from the ’50s. And it will simply look pretty with my Francaise.

This was just cute. It’s so small, just a few centimeters in diameter.

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