Weekend work

I tend to save my most thought involved projects for Saturday and this weekend that project was my Foy corset. It still needs the boning and binding but the bulk of it is done. I used metal grommets but I might take them out and do them by hand.

Outer layer

Inside. Most of the boning channels are next to the seams so you can’t see them.
The lining is muslin with some yellow chiffon I added for color.

I absolutely love the shape.

The second project I’ve been working on is the riding habit. The shirt is done, the waistcoat needs binding, and the jacket still has a long ways to go.

The shirt is made after a picture of a man’s shirt. I modified it  to remove some of the bulk for wearing under layers.

The waiscoat is wool with a linen back.

All edges and the button holes will be bound with the orange silk.

If you are in the market for pin ball frames Andrea Miller Amey of Amey’s Adornments sells beautiful ones. And she is wonderful to work with!

I mentioned in a previous post the blue Francaise I drew when I was a kid with the red shoes. I found the drawing when I was cleaning this weekend. Someday I might actually make it. It’s one of those rare things I still want years later.


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