Ha! I have a bonnet!

Thank you Kitty Calash for giving the right advice and that little push I needed to get over the hump. I finally finished it! I even LIKE it!

Pattern: my own
Fabric: Black silk Persian from Wm. Booth Draper lined with the same orange/purple shot silk taffeta I’m using for my riding habit.

I ended up with two layers of buckram in the brim and plenty of wire. The brim actually goes all the way around (tapers to an inch in the back) which I don’t think I’d do again but it worked. I’m also not sure if I’ll use the Persian silk. It is very silky, floppy fabric and definitely needed the taffeta to give it body. It was a little harder to sew because of its lack of body. BUT when the sun shines on it the orange shines through and gives it a gold sheen. Very pretty!

It’s a bit amateur (don’t look under the brim!) but darn it I did it!

Buckram brim

Covered brim



Trying to get the gold effect with my flash.



  1. Awesome! I love the shape you got. The Persian is super-light, I have a remnant waiting to become a lining. One additional trick with think floaty silks that you want to behave is to use an inter-lining. Muslin stitched to a brim can calm things down somewhat, and hide the grid of the buckram if a top fabric is lighter than you like. But the main thing is, you can wear it now!

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