Purple Mitts and Cloak

I discovered during the Philadelphia campaigne a couple weeks ago that I needed mitts. I have ones that I knitted but they slouch and they’re just not great. So I bought some purple broadcloth to make a pair. I bout a yard and a half because I tend to overbuy fabric and when it arrived it was WAY more than I needed to make mitts. So I had an idea to squeeze a short cloak out of it too. The piecing of the mitts are a little odd because of how I cut the fabric but they work. And they’re warm. And they’re purple.


And yes, the purple is accurate according to this runaway add found on The Hive.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon), Williamsburg, May 6, 1773.

RUN away from the Subscriber, in King and Queen, about the Middle of March last, a Country born Negro Woman named SARAH, a very lusty stout made Wench, … She carried with her several Changes of Apparel, among which are remembered a red and white Calico Jacket and Petticoat, a white Holland and blue Plains Ditto, a red Flannel Petticoat, a purple Cloth Cloak, a black furred Hat, with a Gold Band, Button, and Loop, a black Silk Hat, several white Linen Shifts and Aprons, a spotted Yarn Rug and Dutch Blanket, a Pair of English made Leather Shoes, and several Pairs of Thread, Cotton, and Worsted Stockings, with a small red Leather Trunk. She has been chiefly a House Servant, is a fine Sempstress, Knitter, Washer, and Ironer…

In other news, here’s my wearable christmas dress. It needs hemming, lining, and a petticoat.

I really really really need to focus on a couple outfits now. I need to finish my riding habit because it has been unfinished for far too long and I’m tired of moving it. I need a wool gown to wear to a reenactment in Dec, and I need to finish my Christmas dress. Don’t let me track off!!!!!


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