One thing that really bugs me.

Ok, actually there are a lot of things that bug me. But the annoyance of the day is that people seem to think that I’m at their beck and call. That I’ll drop everything the moment they text. I’m an introvert. I don’t spend a lot of time around people. But to many that seems to translate into “I’m sitting around twiddling my thumbs and watching TV just waiting for you to give me something to do.”

Now admittedly how I spend my weekend might be boring to some but it doesn’t mean that “I have nothing planned”. I am VERY RARELY BORED. Honestly, I revel in the simplicy and calm. I like getting up around 7 and having a leasurly breakfast. I like to spend the day doing homework (I’m working on my masters) and sewing (I usually plan to do harder projects on the weekend). I like to get my laundry done. I like to spend a couple hours working out. I like cocktail hour around 4. Dinner around 5 or 6. In bed at 8 when I turn off my phone, my computer, and I read a real book for an hour or so. I’ve spent plenty of time, years even, rushing around, sleeping a couple hours a day, being constantly on call, and generally having no time or room to breath. Room to breath is as important as everything else that I do and I purposfully schedule it into my day. So yes, my weekend is fully planned even though it may not appear that way to someone on the outside.

So if you have a friend like me don’t think their life is sad or go on some crusade to make over their life as you see fit. Let them breath and understand that their simple and calm life might be exactly how they want it to be.


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