Burnley and Trowbridge Workshops

If you are even remotely thinking about taking a workshop given by Burnley and Trowbridge DO IT. Totally worth the money, time, inconvenience, whatever excuse you have.

I was able to participate in the gown draping workshop this weekend which was taught by Janea Whitacre, the mistress of the Miliner/Mantua-maker shop in Williamsburg. We learned how to drape a gown directly onto the body using 18th century techniques. What an awesome experience!! Best of all I learned how to do sleeves! And now I have a gown that fits like a glove. Best fitting garment in my entire wardrobe (all centuries included.) Pictures can be found on Burnley and Trowbridge’s Facebook Page. My gown is the burgandy wool one. I’ll post photos of the finished product once I actually finish it.

Photo taken by Angela Burnley

Also, the Threads of Feeling exhibit from London is coming to Williamsburg next year. If you haven’t heard about this before it is an exhibition of the billet books from the London foundling hospital. VERY interesting. It will possibly change your entire view of 18th century fabric. Check out their slide show presentation on their website.

In other news, American Duchess just announced pre-ordering for her new 23Skiddoo shoes! These are 1920s/30s shoes. They come in white/ brown or simply white which you can dye if you desire. Pre-orders open from 1 Novemeber to 19 November. Go here to order!



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