A Challenge Part 2 – The Rules

“Living Mindfully” seems to be a popular, even trite, phrase these days. But as much as I hate to use it as well, it does seem to apply to what I’m trying to do. My overall goal is to simplify, learn, enjoy, and live slowly, mindfully, and unrushed. When I thought about what rules to apply to this I
had plenty of guidance and ideas to choose from. There are people who have lived on a mason jar of garbage a year, those who eat only locally grown foods, etc. However, we all have our own goals and restrictions to those goals. And like a New Year’s resolution you do not want to set rules for
yourself that are so difficult you are setting yourself up for failure or misery.
So my personal rules are as follows:
1)            Clothing – Only wear what I make with the following exceptions: things I currently own, jeans, shoes, and knitted sweaters.
2)            Food – Focus on unprocessed foods and raw ingredients. If I want it I will make it. If I don’t make an item there will be a conscious thought process behind buying it. (ex. If I want marmalade I will make it). Things that are simply too complicated or time consuming to make I will buy, but only if they are staples.
3)            Purchasing items – If I can make it I will. If I can’t I will attempt to buy handmade (ex. Etsy). If I can’t buy handmade I will reconsider buying. I will buy only what I need, and then I will buy good
quality so that it lasts as long as possible even if it’s the more expensive option. I will also attempt to buy sizes that are only as big as needed. (ex. If I need a 2 gallon humidifier I will not buy a 20 gallon humidifier).
I expect to fail at times (I bought Ben and Jerry’s the other day) but being aware of the failure is part of the experience as well.

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