Blog Award Time

Thank you to A Sartorial Statement for nominating my for the Very Inspiring Blog Award! Now I feel guilty because I so rarely post. 🙂

1. Display the award and link back to the person who nominated you.
2. State 7 facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 bloggers for the award.
4. Notify the winners.


Here are the 7 facts:
1) I own 12 musical instruments including a harp, dobro, bodhran, and ukulele. My apartment looks like a music store threw up in the living room.

2) I was in 1st grade before my family had electricity and running water. I still have proper oil lamps for when the electricity goes out.

3) I know how to construct a Dewey Decimal number. Believe it or not, each number actually means something.

4) I have a degree in Geology that I never use but I had a blast learning!

5) My favorite food to make are scones. They’re so simple and you can add just about anything to them. You can make sweet scones or oniony scones… the sky’s the limit!

6) I built my own computer from the inside out. It turned out really well but I was terrified I’d mess up the entire time. Thank goodness for YouTube tutorials.

7) I love mystery stories. Whether books, TV, or movies I’m always absorbing a mystery. It’s fun to guess Who Did It and then see if your right.

And here are my nominees.

1) Before the Automobile. She makes me cry her work is so lovely. And I’m sure she’s gotten this award before but she deserves it.

2) Fashionable Past. I stumbled onto her old website when I was researching my very first costume. I’ve been following her ever since. 

3) Diary of a Mantua Maker. She makes her own shoes. Does it get any cooler than that?!

4) Accordion to Kelly. She lives in a tent and has her own Etsy business. I think she might just have the life I want.

5) Sewaholic. She has her own pattern business! Again, a life I wish I lead.

6) Kitty Calash. A reenactor who is very honest about authenticity, full of information, and saved my butt when I tried to make an 18th century bonnet.

7) American Duchess. Not only is her costuming awesome, but she turned her passion into a business and now fills a need (shoes!) that wasn’t previously being filled.

8) Thehistoricfoodie’s Blog. Everyone needs food! And what’s the point of being in a beautiful gown and eating hotdogs? We might as well eat historically too.

9) Saltpetre and Pins. Another reenactor who’s clothing is impeccable.

10) Katie Jacobs. She strikes me as a really practical woman. And a couple posts ago she gave us a grammar lesson which is just awesome! I wish more people would do that!

11) Elegant Musings. She was pregnant and still elegant. My hat’s off to her.

12) La Chatelaine Chocolat. Her clothing is beautiful in its simplicity. You don’t need miles and miles of trim to make a pretty frock.

13) Whipstitch. Here most recent posts are about creating a Audrey Hepburn wardrobe. Need I say more?

14) Incendiary Blonde. Has a Joie de vivre that I find absolutely contagious.

15) Temps d’Elegance. Absolutely beautiful gowns. Words don’t do them justice.


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