Gunston Hall 2013

The last couple weeks have been completely crazy. It all started May 4-5 with a reenactment at Gunston Hall (DC area), than up to Philly for a two-day hiring conference, then back to DC for a meeting Wednesday, then Friday on a plane to Japan where I am now sitting still slightly jet lagged in a hotel room in a puddle of sweat. Glamorous I know.

The high point was Gunston Hall, however. It always amazes me that no matter how little I sleep, how tired and how smelly I end up, a good reenactment is completely energizing and rejuvenating. Despite laying my clothes outside in the sun for several hours the other day, I have a bad feeling that when I arrive home my apartment is going to smell like wood smoke and bacon grease. There were even other girls there which tends to be unusual in my circles. We even have a new family with 6 kids!

I decided Wednesday before the event that I was going to completely hand sew a stomacher front gown. I managed to finish it Saturday (three days’ worth of sewing) but the front needs some tweaking because the robings lay very oddly. It’s my version of a dress in a day. Only instead of three seamstresses one day it took just me three days. I don’t have pictures yet. It’s a nice natural linen.

I discovered that I really do need a bedgown. A jacket just doesn’t do it for those middle of the night stay-less trips to the bathroom. I went to the fabric store here in Yokosuka and they had quite a decent selection of linen but it was almost all incorrect patterns. I bought some more natural colored linen and spent last week doing de-stress sewing. I now have that bedgown which will be forever known as the Japanese bedgown.

I didn’t take many pictures at Gunston Hall but here are the few I have.


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