So much excitement!

I don’t know if you all knew but I was an officer in the Navy for six years. As of 28 June I am not. So I have incredible whiplash from six years of being run ragged but it is rather nice to be a civilian again. BUT this all means I need a job and I THINK I have a job in DC lined up (yay!) but it’s contingent on the company having room for me. It SHOULD be a go (but keep your fingers crossed just in case). I’ll know beginning of August and will start work August 26th. So I’ve been trying to find an apartment which I think I found today. But it’s tiny compared to what I’m used to so I have to dramatically downsize. And I have school work to do at the same time. I’m raaaaather stressed. And panicky. And excited.

In the meantime, I’m rewarding myself for a job well done by making my favorite outfit in all of 18th century art.

Plucking the Turkey by Walton
Plucking the Turkey by Henry Walton. Exhibited at the Tate, reference no. N02870.

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