I’ve Moved!

To Alexandria VA that is. Two weeks ago. I did it somewhat on a whim but my reenactment group is located here and I was tired of driving the 3+ hours from Virginia Beach all the time. And I thought I could find a job easier in the DC area then where I was. Which I did. It’s not a high paying job but it’s a job. So we shall see. Hopefully I’ll be able to take part in things that were completely off the table before due to distance.

Speaking of which, the Mt. Vernon craft fair is this weekend so if you’re in the neighborhood DO come and visit! 1VA Regiment (my unit) is doing military demonstrations throughout the weekend.

And I finally won my battle with bonnets thanks to chip board from Dick Blick. I will never use buckram in a brim ever again. My sewing skills aren’t the best on this one but it’s totally usable. And my next one will be better!

A bonnet! A little later in the century than I prefer but it holds its shape!



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