Shoe Quatro Part 1: Many wrongs make a right

First up in my two-shoe decorating series: my Astorias.

My inspiration image was this pair of pink satin wedding shoes from Shoe Icons.

Pretty, right?

I bought “dusty rose” Angelus leather dye from American Duchess and white beaded trim from M&J Trims. I proceeded to dye them and ended up with this:

Now in their defense they are imperfects, I’m a sloppy dyer, and I had black dye on my hands that I hadn’t bothered to wash off. But hot pink? Really?

So at this point my options were

  • Over dye
  • Paint

I decided it was safer to go with paint.

Off I went to American Duchess again and bought Angelus acrylic leather paint in “pink” and “champagne”. The goal was to try and get a slightly brown based pink. I didn’t want it too pink or too tan. Apparently that’s not easy to do.

I mixed up a batch of what ended up being too brown and too watery paint and did the first coat. When I painted it on it looked like I was going to end up with nude shoes. It didn’t look pink at all.

By some miracle at the hands of the costuming gods after two coats I ended up with:

Pink Astorias Close Up Pink Astorias

I love them! The paint was thin enough that the hot pink shines through. You can see the champagne paint but it almost looks like a trick of the eye. I’m not sure if I’m going to end up putting the trim on or not. I rather like them the way they are and the trim detracts from the color.

Now I just need a shiny new Edwardian gown to wear with them.

~Complete side note: I’d like to try this accident with black dye and gold paint someday. I’m thinking that VERY thinned out gold paint would give it a shimmery gilded look?


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