Shoe Quatro Part 3: Gilded Leaves

Next up: 23Skidoos!

My inspiration was this pair of 1920s shoes from Shoe Icons. They were too cool to pass up.

I dyed the leather with Angelus leather dye in black and tidied it up with Angelus luster cream in black.

I then proceeded to go cross-eyed painting 8 leaves and the heel in gold and silver Angelus acrylic leather shoe paint. (I’m like a poster child for Angelus and American Duchess, but I’m too lazy to think outside the box and be creative with my paint/dye resources.) This paint is great but the silver and gold were a bit too translucent for this project and it took about 4 coats before the paint looked opaque enough to continue. I read after the fact (in the reviews) that it’s best to use an undercoat of mustard for the gold. It probably would have been an equally good idea to use grey under the silver.

Once it was painted to my satisfaction I used black paint for the veins on the leaves.

They’re definitely one of a kind!

And here are the shoes!

T-strap leaves in progress

Shoes with the gold and silver leaves


Finished T-Strap

The finished shoe


Shoe Heel

The heel


Shoe Toe

The toe


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