Shoe Quatro Part 4: Red Nankeens

Next up for shoes: Nankeens!

These were rather simple. I used International Professional Fabric Shoe Dye A112 to dye them.

I had failed to notice the part that said for certain types of fabrics you’ll need TWO pots of dye. The dye went on extremely well but was sucked right up. One pot definitely only covers one boot if you’re dying Nankeens. Once I was done dying the boot I added a bit of water to the pot and stuck in the laces. After it sat for a couple hours the laces matched the boots!

There was no inspiration for these shoes. I just had a hankering for deeply red boots and these scratched the itch.


Finished Nankeens!


Nankeen Close Up

Details of the boots


Nankeens with a green cotton print from Reproduction Fabrics (from a couple years ago) and a brown stripe linen remnant from Wm Booth Draper. I’m seeing a green regency gown with a brown spencer? I’ll make it eventually…



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