Vacations in the Country

I finally had enough vacation time at my new job that I could take a week of vacation. I was seriously due. The last couple of months I’ve been getting snippier and snippier. Sometimes I think we work too much. American’s don’t really allow themselves time to breath. We think that the more we work and the harder we work the better quality our work will be. But that isn’t actually the case. Time off makes us more effective at our jobs.

My parents live in New York. Not the city, the country. The great northern part of New York that many people don’t know exist because they are so enamored (or frustrated) by the city. New York is an incredibly beautiful state. See, here’s some evidence:

Pond 2

I’m not going to bore you with the details of the trip but I will tell you that a lot of relaxing happened during the week.

And I’ll leave you with a surprisingly pretty picture of our kayaks.




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