A break from our regularly scheduled programming

I know this is a sewing blog and sort of a reenacting blog, however  I need something else to talk about on occasion. This is really for several reasons.

  1. I don’t sew a lot or particularly fast anymore so projects to discuss are a bit few and far apart
  2. I don’t go to a large number of events a year
  3. If I don’t write regularly I will simply cease to write at all
  4. If I write only about clothes and costuming I’ll end up frustrated because I’ll want stuff I can’t have (see #1)
  5. Topics such as research skills, history, art, and culture are close enough to historical sewing and reenacting to justify discussing them (or so I think)

So over time I’m going to develop some series of posts not directly related to sewing.

First up: Thinking About Art Female Dick Tracy

Why am I choosing to talk about art?

Each seamstress/reenactor/musician/artists/author/dancer/PowerPoint drafter is creating art in their own way. It’s easy to get lost in the mechanics of completing a gown, an event, a written work, or a presentation that we tend to lose sight of the creative process and the creative mind. Art and beauty can be found in unlikely places and daily lives tend to make us forget to look.

Disclaimer: I am not an art major or “creative” major of any kind. My degrees are in Geology and Library Science (hence the future discussions on research) so I cannot claim to be an expert in the world of art or creativity. I’m not going to academically analyze paintings or anything along those lines. I’m simply going to talk about various types of art in the realm of creative thinking and creative processes as someone who can’t lived without it.

I hope you enjoy.

PS. Points to whomever knows the inspiration for the image!



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