Thread Review

I recently went looking for some metallic-ish thread for a project that is mentally in the works. I stumbled upon Gilt Sylke Twist! You can buy this thread in 23 m spools from various different stores; however I bought mine from Hedgehog Handworks. My original intention was to twist it with Soie d’Alger silk thread and make a lucet cord out of it. It came out horrible (mostly operator error) and much thicker than I really wanted so I tried the Gilt Sylke Twist on it’s own. Let me tell you this thread makes an awesome cord! The resulting cord is very thin; only a few millimeters in diameter. T

You do have to be careful with it; the metallic twist can break and its generally a bit difficult to pull through. Just make sure your tension is a little on the loose side so that it doesn’t snag badly.

(The camera is zoomed in. The cord is much smaller in person.)

Cord 2

Without flash


With flash

With flash


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