HSM 2015 #2: Business Card Wallet

Wallet 1

I have two completed items for this month, neither of which were what I expected intended to make. The first item is a little wallet to hold my regimental business cards (I’m in “positions of fun” and having my contact information handy has proven to be helpful). I never have them with me when I need them and they tend to get ruined in my pocket. So I’ve made a little wallet to hang from my apron.

Wallet 2

Wallet 3

The Challenge: Blue

Fabric: A remnant of Williamsburg cotton (from this jacket), a remnant of blue striped linen, and a remnant of 8 oz linen for interfacing.

Pattern: My own.

Year: 1700s

Notions: About a yard of cotton twill tape

How historically accurate is it? Wellllll… I’d say about 60%. Here’s the thing. This wallet is a modern accessory. However, it was modeled after 18th century wallets like this one found on Ruby Lane and is meant to be worn with my 18th century clothing to disguise a modern item. I shrunk it down to fit the size of my business cards and added a piece of twill tape so that I can hang it from my apron rather than dig through my pocket. It’s completely hand-sewn using natural materials.

Hours to complete: Approximately 90 minutes. It was a quick and easy project.

First worn: Next weekend!

Total cost: Nothing. It was all in my stash.



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