HSM 2015 #2: Apron

My second HSM #2 project was an apron modeled after Henry Walton’s The Market Girl. (I want to make her gown as well so if you happen to know of some good red and white striped linen please let me know!)

Henry Walton Market Girl

The Market Girl by Henry Walton. Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.

Apron 2

Apron 1

The Challenge: Blue

Fabric: A yard of blue and white check’d linen from NY Fashion Center Fabrics

Pattern: My own.

Year: 1700s

Notions: About two yards of cotton twill tape

How historically accurate is it? 85%. It’s as close as you can get in the modern age. Although the waist tie is cotton and really should be linen.

Hours to complete: Approximately 2 hours. Aprons are quick.

First worn: Not yet!

Total cost: Nothing. It was all in my stash.


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