HSM 2015 #3: Chest

Ok, so due to events that were a bit out of my control, March all of a sudden became a frantic month. Because of this, I’m not even going to pretend to try to complete a garment or accessory of any kind.


I still want to show you something related to stashbusting: my storage.

I currently keep the majority of my fabric in a chest in my sewing room. The chest is rather on the full side. I may have a fabric buying problem.

Chest Open

This chest once belonged to my mother’s grandmother, Anna McCool (nee Stock). Anna was born on 1 November 1886 in Philadelphia, PA. Here is a picture of her circa 1911-ish.Anna Stock

The chest was most likely her hope chest. Here’s some wooden chest eye candy for you.

Chest 1

The top of the chest, showing the beautiful wood.

Chest 3

The chest opens by pressing in the lock. I do not have the key.

Chest 2



  1. Oh my gosh…….Marge and Re (not to mention Grandmom)  are SOOOOOOO  proud  of their grand-niece.I forwarded this to Diane too.   ♥♥♥

  2. Laura, I loved reading your blog. You are an awesome seamstress. Grandmom McCool would be so pleased as she was a good sewer as well. It’s wonderful that you are preserving the sewing techniques and costumes of our colonial past. You’ve inspired me to resume quilting.
    Aunt Diane

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