HSM 2015 #5 &6: Oh-So-Simple-Camisole


I present: the Oh-so-simple-camisole.

Ok, I really cheated on this one. I completely ran out of time in May to do a Practicality challenge so I’m combining May with June. And a camisole isn’t really historical, but it kind of is. The camisole has existed in various forms for a couple hundred years, from corset covers to a modern “shirt”. I’m claiming it as historical because I intend to wear it under this awesome, but rather transparent, 1930s Butterfly Blouse.

Butterfly Blouse

As an added bonus, this thing was completely out of my comfort zone. I know, it’s a camisole, how hard can it be. But if you know me at all, you know that I basically shun the sewing machine. It’s not that I don’t have a good one; I do. It works like a charm. I also like the fact that it helps me do projects like this in a couple hours rather then several hours. I also do know how to use the sewing machine, so that’s not it either.

The truth is, I’m simply not comfortable using it. At all. I sometimes go to use it and then decide it will just be better if I don’t. This attitude works well for me because most of my sewing is 18th century based and so ALL my seams (not just the ones people can see) are hand sewn. But that has also become an excuse to just not use a machine for ANYTHING.

This was the perfect time to force myself to use it because it wasn’t too complicated of a project. I’m rather pleased how it turned out. My sewing is a bit crooked and crude in places but it’s a camisole so it doesn’t matter. And in the end I learned that the machine isn’t really that scary and maybe, just maybe, I’ll use it again. The more I use it the more comfortable I’ll be with it, right?

The Facts:

The Challenge: Practicality and Out of Your Comfort Zone

Fabric: 100% 3.5 oz Linen

Pattern: My own

Year: It’s sort of all over the place.

Notions: None

How historically accurate is it? I didn’t really base it off anything historical. But Camisole-like garments have been around for a while.

Hours to complete: Approximately 2 hours.

First worn: Not yet.

Total cost: Nothing, I had the fabric in my stash.



  1. Hey, nice job !  Glad to hear your machine doesn’t bite.  Maggie and I both wonder about the rustic back drop …..is it wallpaper ?

    1. It’s a paper photography background. I’m going to invest in vinyl ones one of these days (wall and floor). It just makes everything look better and takes the clutter out. I hate taking a picture and thinking it looks awful afterwards.

  2. I like your simple, but pretty camisole. In the 1920s, such a garment – sometimes called a vest – would have been worn as an alternative to a full slip or teddy.

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