HSM 2015 #7: Accessories AKA Pretty Extras

Measuring Tape 1

I’m not ashamed that I often resort to bribery and jealousy to get people excited about things they don’t particularly care about. This is one such instance. I’m holding a regimental gown workshop this month to get some of our members out of bedgowns and shortgowns and into something a little better. In an effort to make the few people who have chosen to participate feel special, as well as those who chose not to feel just a little left out (enough that they’ll more seriously consider a workshop next time) I’m giving them these handy measuring tapes. And since I was making them, I had to make one for me as well…

Measuring Tape 2

Measuring Tape 3

The Facts:

The Challenge: Accessories

Fabric: 100% Linen Tape from Wm. Booth Draper (and a felt tipped marker).

Pattern: Whomever invented US Customary Units. And A Fashionable Frolick from whom I “borrowed” the brilliant idea. They sell these in their Etsy shop.

Year: These are intended for 18th century use.

Notions: None

How historically accurate is it? It’s surprisingly close. Measuring tapes made of thin tape or ribbon were used. Tailors especially also used marked strips of paper to indicate a person’s particular measurements. For example, one mark would indicate the length of your breeches. Another would indicate the length of your knee band.

Hours to complete: Approximately 15 minutes each.

First worn: Not yet.

Total cost: $8.40


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