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I’m an amateur seamstress with a passion for the 18th century. I prefer working women’s clothes but I occasionally make something a little higher class. I sometimes branch out into other eras as well. Due to life getting in the way I have spent more time dreaming up what I want to make then actually making it so my “to do” list is rather long and disjointed.

I also love to learn new things so I will not hesitate to ruin a pair of shoes attempting to recover them in the fabric of my choice, or to bind a book, or to refinish furniture. The outcome may not be perfect but at least I can say I tried it.

I spend a lot of time doing research so I tend to dig things up off the internet. I will always attempt to give credit where credit is due. Please feel free to share my blog but I ask that you extend the same courtesy and either link back to my blog or to the original source of the image or information. Thank you!

This was my first ever dress.

This was my first ever dress.



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