Evil Project List

Here is the ever growing list of things to make, not necessarily in order of importance.

18th century projects

Finish by 15 November: Outfit for my 11 year old sister (gown, shift, linen petticoat, wool petticoat, apron, cap, stays, cloak, hat, bonnet) [Yes, that list has grown.]   Done!

Finish by 25 October: Wool Gown (Just needs finishing and robings)   Done!

Finish by 1 December when I get around to it: Jazzberry (I kid you not) linen gown with trim for dress up (another half started project)

New set of Stays (Started. I’m hand stitching them so…)

Peacock Taffeta Caraco (Fabric in hand)

Peach Chintz Zone gown (started, it’s crumpled up in a UFO pile somewhere)

Chemise Gown (Fabric in hand)

Riding Habit (started years ago, gave up on it, need new fabric Edit: I now have fabric.)

Rust silk gown

Regimental Coat (not for me): Needs buttonholes.

Just for fun projects that I’ll get around to some day

Natural Form Evening and Day Gown (Started)


Bodiced petticoat

Early 1800s Bib Front Gown


Open Gown

Blue and Gold Titanic Gown

Molly’s Blue/Green Taffeta gown from Wives and Daughters

Corded petticoat


2 petticoats – I don’t remember why or for what. This could be a problem.

Green striped gown from North & South

Green Wool Edwardian suit

New Edwardian corset


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