Resources, Links, Etc.

Fabric and Haberdashery

Wm. Booth Draper

Denver Fabrics

Silly Sisters

Time Travel Textiles

96 District Fabrics

Top-Hats (they have more than top hats!)

Silk Baron

Decorative Silk

Pure Silks

Renaissance Fabrics

Burnley and Trowbridge

Silent Stitches

Gray Line Linen

Hedgehog Handwork

Wooded Hamlet

Miller’s Millinery

Liberty Linens

18th Century Accessories

Fugawee Shoes

American Duchess Shoes – She has the most beautiful Edwardian and Regency shoes too.

Cathy Johnson Miniatures and Scrimshaw

Old Dominion Forge Pewter

Corset Supplies



JP Ryan

Kanniks Korner

Truly Victorian

Reconstructing History

Past Patterns

Laughing Moon Mercantile

Nehelenia Patterns


Mara Riley

Sharon Burnston

The Perfect Dressmaking System by Ella A Bennett

Your Wardrobe Unlock’d

Foundations Revealed

18th Century Notebook

Costly Thy Habit

La Couturiere ParisienneNehelenia


Eras of Elegance

Blog Design

Shabby Blogs

More coming as I remember…


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